Euromillions Lottery: - How To Play, Charitable Cause, Win Jackpots!

Today everyone knows about lottery games and they are as interesting as they sound. In some countries, it is totally banned and in places like Europe, you can enjoy them absolutely. Euromillions Lottery is one of the most popular lottery games in Europe and was developed by Francaise Des Jeux and was drawn on Friday. Euromillions Lottery is also popularly known as euro lotto and the stake is collected from all the 9 European nations’ participants. The most interesting part is that all of them present a colossal prize.  This has increased the number of people playing this game and it has become huge. The nine countries are 

  1. Spain 
  2. France
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Belgium
  5. Austria
  6. Portugal
  7. Luxembourg
  8. Ireland
  9. Switzerland
Euromillions Lottery: - How To Play, Charitable Cause, Win Jackpots!

Initially, there were just three countries, but lotteries were drawn from other countries on October, 8th 2004. The prize was rolled every week until it gave birth to the substantial winnings. After rolling over eleven times the jackpot of £125,194,303 and this amount was collected by 3 ticket holders one in Portugal and two in France. This was the first biggest prize even in Europe's lottery history. 

Dig in the history

Euro lotto is a transnational lottery and ticket holders must match 7 numbers in order to win the jackpot. Euro lotto was first introduced in the year 204 on 7th February by Jeux and Camelot of the United States. Draws are held every week on Friday and Tuesday. The cost of the ticket is 2.50.  The best part of the game is that there is no particular eligibility. Buyers can be nonresidents as there are no nationality limits. It is important that you must be 18+. Still, it is important that you visit the official website to know the terms and conditions and other vital details.

How does Euromillions lotto work?

After its introduction, Euromillions became extremely popular and its tickets started selling fast. Its ticket price is extremely cheap and the jackpot is really big. To increase the chances of winning ticket buyers can buy as many tickets as they want. The draws are on Fridays but if you forgot seeing your results you can buy 4 weeks Euromillions lottery beforehand. The show is at different times in different countries.  In the United Kingdom the show is forecasted on BBC channels. There are many people who have won the jackpot and you too can win big. 

How to play?

To win the jackpot ticket buyers will have to match all the 6 numbers. There are millions of combinations and these odds the winning chances. Still, there are many other ways by which one can raise their chances of winning. The majority of the winners are the ones who have purchase random lottery tickets through a lucky dip. Lucky dips mean numbers are picked up by a machine in a random fashion. People who are able to match small numbers also get prizes such as matching any three numbers. You will have to choose numbers from 1 to 50 to get main numbers and two lucky stars between 1 to 9. 

In France, you will have to find 5 numbers and two stars to win the jackpot. The numbers are picked randomly by 2 machines with a number of balls. The machine is called Stresa and the machine containing stars is called Paquerette. Apart from the jackpot, there are 11 other prizes which people can win. There are nine countries participating in Euromillions lotto game which slows down the chance of winning about 1 in 8 million. The other prizes are more easy to win for the people as there are reasonable odds. In Switzerland, you will have you pay taxes, but in other countries, it is tax-free. The prize money of Euro Lotto is very high and this is why many people buy the ticket. You can buy the tickets online or by any vendor in your area. Every ticket buyer thinks of winning the jackpot and the draw is never missed out. Vendors of the Euro lotto are very busy on Fridays and online you also see plenty of traffic. 

How to play Euromillions online?

This is the lottery game which you can also play online. The majority of the people book their bets online nowadays. They have to select their 5 lucky numbers and their lucky stars. Some people also play with similar numbers for years. This can be any number like their birth date or anniversary dates. If you don't have any lucky numbers or you are confused then let the computer pick your number randomly. It has worked for many so it can work for you. If you cannot win the jackpot, then there are other prizes which you can win. People who are not interested in playing the game solo then you can play with syndicates. This way you can pool your numbers and get an into a better state of winning. This is all based on the e-lottery syndicate and you join the pool with those numbers who have entered the lottery system with a paid subscription. You win the chances because you split the chances into 1:4. Each group has 39 members. This draw is also drawn on Friday at nine pm.
Why play Euromillions online?
There is one best thing about playing Euromillions online and that is everything can be arranged without facing any challenge. You can play the game at the comfort of your home.  No need to hurry about anything or drive to any particular point to reach the draw location. The game is played online so you can also see the results on your screen. You have to log in to you e-lotto accounts. The game is played anonymously so nobody knows about if you won. They have a complete official website where you can check everything. You can check the timings, draws, amount and other prizes related information which you can check online. You can check this information according to your country timings. 

Euromillions Lottery good causes

If you feel guilty about playing the lottery games, then you will be glad to know that when you play Euromillions and benefits are across Europe as good cause money. The money is distributed to charitable institutions of each player who buys the ticket. You can see how much amount you have spent in the entries and this way helps those who are in need in your country. This way you are not just indulging in the winning of big chances but also supporting some charitable projects both at the same time. 

In the United Kingdom 

In the United Kingdom, one pound is spent on the games. Since the lottery has begun more than thirty-seven billion has been raised. Per week over twenty pounds have been added in the funds.  Across the UK half a million awards have been achieved by the charity projects. The figure keeps on increasing every year. The funds are collected by different bodies with 5 categories like Heritage, sports, health, Arts and Environmental.  

In Belgium 

The Belgian charity system also assists various charities and sponsorship for the projects. More than two hundred million are provided for public services. These are all divided between Donation communities, Social work, and Humanitarian programs, Culture, Sports and Science. 

In Austria 

Oesterreichische operates Euromillions Lottery in Austria and are donating for the good causes since 1986 under the motto ‘Good for Austria' many other research programs and humanitarian services are funded by the national lottery. The money is also raised through the lottery to save lynx, pandas, and vultures. 

In France 

In France Francaise des Jeux started the French lottery and helps in the development of the athlete programs. In the aid of sports programs disabled are helped across France.  Funds are collected through a lottery system like Euromillions and distributed by the foundations. The professional cycling team is also sponsored by Francaise des Jeux. 

In Luxembourg 

The Luxembourg national lottery is also associated with many charity institutions. The donate for culture, sports, health, and social issues. They are awarded the millions to date with beneficiaries like national cultural fund and Red Cross. 

In Ireland 

Ireland national lottery has raised more than five Euromillions for a good cause since it started in 1987 and its thirty percent funds are raised from the Euromillions. The money is donated all over the country supporting both small and large initiatives like cancer, asthma, and dyslexia like disabled people. 

In Portugal

The national had donated a huge sum to the government departments who further distributed in the different areas like culture, sports, social issues, and health. They support a wide range of projects like hospitals. 


The national lottery supports many sports programs. There are health programs, cultural and good causes supported by the 2 official lottery systems. 


The national lottery in Spain supports various good causes all over the country. Primary schools, health funds, sports associations get benefited from the organisation. 
These are the all nine charitable causes supported by the countries national lottery systems.


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