EuroMillions Results for Friday, September 20, 2019

EuroMillions Results for Friday, September 20, 2019 is here. This is 1,252th draw of EuroMillions. Tonight draw is held for jackpot worth £188 millions. 
Are you going to be next multi millionaire by winning the jackpot prize??? Check with the winning numbers to find out!
EuroMillions Results for Friday, September 20, 2019

Euromillions Draw Numbers are as below:

Main Number
 Lucky Stars
Raffle Code
08  21  25  38  50
04  08
VQFB 96857

Winning numbers will update here by 8:40 pm. 
Please note, if winning numbers don’t appear here after draw Please refresh the page, you will get the numbers.

How to claim the Winning Amount

After winning the lottery the most important question touches your mind is that how to claim the winning amount? As EuroMillions plays among nine various countries of Europe the procedure for claiming the winning prizes is different in each countries. Also you must know the period to claim your prizes as it is different with the participants country. Image below helps you to understands this

Claiming the amount you won is depends on the country in which you purchase the ticket also on how you purchase the ticket either online or from authorized retailer. Details of claiming process is shows on the Officials website Click Here to Know the process.

Jackpot Cap:

Euromillions draw is held for the minimum jackpot worth £17 millions. If No winner is chosen from the draw the jackpot prize will rollover and added to the fund for the next draw. The maximum jackpot cap is wroth of £190 millions. If the maximum jackpot continue for 4 times without winner the the full amount is roll down and and shares between the winners in next prize tire.